Let Clark Scientific Editing lessen your workload and become a virtual member of your group during the manuscript preparation process


"Publish or perish" - the pressure to constantly publish work in order to further or sustain a career in academia whilst also fulfilling contractual teaching obligations




Step 1. Please send your manuscript and contact details to info@clarkscientificediting.com requesting a no-obligation quotation for the cost of the editing service. (Please add this email address to the Address Book of your email account to ensure delivery of reply emails to your Inbox. If you do not receive a reply email, please check the Spam folder in case it has been incorrectly identified as spam.) Please state whether you would like your manuscript to be edited to conform to British or American English. Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format. Figures can be submitted embedded in the document, as pdf documents, or as separate image files.

Step 2. Clark Scientific Editing will send you a quotation for the work (valid for 28 days) and an estimated completion time which will begin after acceptance of the quotation. If you are a new client, you will also be sent  free of charge  a version of your manuscript which has had the Abstract edited. This will show you an example of the editing process offered by Clark Scientific Editing. Please note that references are not included in the editing process. However, ensuring that references cited throughout the text match those in the reference list and vice versa is included.

Step 3. Please inform Clark Scientific Editing whether or not you accept the quotation. Upon acceptance, work will begin on your manuscript.

Step 4. When the editing process is completed, two versions of your corrected manuscript will be returned to you. In one version, the changes which have been made will be visible. In the other version, the changes will have been accepted and only the edited text will be visible, allowing you to read the corrected manuscript without the distraction of the editing marks. You must carefully check this version to ensure that your meaning has been retained in the corrected manuscript. Upon request, a Certificate of Editing (pdf document) can be provided to confirm that your manuscript has been professionally proofread and edited by Clark Scientific Editing. You may wish to submit this certificate along with your manuscript to your target journal.  

Step 5. If you have any questions regarding the work, please consult with Clark Scientific Editing.

Step 6. Please pay the quoted fee within 28 days of receiving the invoice.



Manuscripts sent to Clark Scientific Editing are handled in total confidence. Clark Scientific Editing is willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement at the client's request. Personal details provided by the client will not be passed on to third parties.

Clark Scientific Editing takes every care with the processing and correction of manuscripts. However, it is the obligation of the client to check all changes made to his/her manuscript, and the ultimate responsibility for the final published manuscript lies solely with the client.

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