Let Clark Scientific Editing lessen your workload and become a virtual member of your group during the manuscript preparation process


"Publish or perish" - the pressure to constantly publish work in order to further or sustain a career in academia whilst also fulfilling contractual teaching obligations




Clark Scientific Editing offers non-native and native English speakers an online scientific editing service for manuscripts in the field of the Biomedical Sciences. In addition to improving the quality of the English, Clark Scientific Editing will look for any discrepancies in the manuscript from a scientific viewpoint. Although the majority of work involves editing manuscripts (plus their accompanying cover letter if requested by the client), Clark Scientific Editing also handles conference abstracts, poster presentations, and grant proposals.


Clark Scientific Editing works with electronic manuscripts sent as email attachments. The corrections are made directly into the manuscript and the corrected version returned to the client. To allow the client to see all of the corrections made to the manuscript, the ‘Track Changes’ option of Microsoft Word will be enabled. Using this option, the manuscript can be viewed on the screen and/or printed either displaying or hiding the corrections. When the corrections are displayed, deleted text appears red in colour with strikethrough and inserted text is red in colour and underlined. Using the Track Changes option, each correction can be accepted or rejected at the client's discretion. Any queries/comments for the client will be in bold, enclosed in square brackets, and highlighted in yellow.

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