Let Clark Scientific Editing lessen your workload and become a virtual member of your group during the manuscript preparation process


"Publish or perish" - the pressure to constantly publish work in order to further or sustain a career in academia whilst also fulfilling contractual teaching obligations




Clark Scientific Editing is a United Kingdom-based consultancy which offers an expert scientific editing service.

In order to provide high-quality scientific editing, a combination of a strong scientific background and an excellent command of English syntax in a scientific context is essential. At Clark Scientific Editing no subcontractors or external editors are used
 all editing is done in-house by a member of the European Association of Science Editors, Dr. Catherine Clark, thus ensuring every manuscript received is in expert hands.

Clark Scientific Editing will:

  • correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • ensure verb tense and formatting consistency
  • enhance readability by improving sentence clarity and the flow of ideas
  • look for any discrepancies from a scientific viewpoint a particular expertise not normally included in scientific editing processes

Clark Scientific Editing also offers simultaneous editing and condensing of manuscripts if a specific word/character count is required.

Clark Scientific Editing is recommended by Oxford University Press and Life Sciences Scotland.

Clark Scientific Editing is a truly international scientific editing service which has edited manuscripts for authors in 54 countries worldwide.

Although non-native English speakers form the majority of Clark Scientific Editing's clients, native English speakers can also benefit from this service.


"As an Editor of a respected journal I am very aware of the need to have papers written in plain and lucid English. A well written paper will be published more quickly than one poorly written. I can vouch for Dr Clark's exceptional expertise in the preparation of papers for publication, in particular her meticulous attention to detail."

Professor Stephen Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of Parasitology

"As an Editor of a Journal I am fully aware that well-presented manuscripts have a much higher chance of being accepted than those that are poorly written or presented. Dr Clark provides an invaluable resource regarding the presentation of manuscripts and I recommend her to you without any reservation."

Professor John Connell, Editorial Board Chairman of Clinical Endocrinology

"I was extremely pleased with the quality and consistency of the service provided. Language editing work was a particularly valuable service for many of our international authors with English as a second language. High quality editing was delivered within a fast-paced workflow, I was very impressed with the service."

Holly Ahern, Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Group Editor, SAGE Publications Ltd


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