Let Clark Scientific Editing lessen your workload and become a virtual member of your group during the manuscript preparation process


"Publish or perish" - the pressure to constantly publish work in order to further or sustain a career in academia whilst also fulfilling contractual teaching obligations




The amount charged by Clark Scientific Editing varies depending on the amount of text and complexity of each assignment. As a guide price, most manuscripts are charged at 0.07 GBP per word (i.e. 15.00 GBP per page of 250 words). For simultaneous editing and condensing, most manuscripts are charged at 0.09 GBP per word (i.e. 20.00 GBP per page of 250 words). An administration fee of 15.00 GBP is added to the cost of each assignment. Please note that Clark Scientific Editing is not VAT registered and, therefore, no VAT will be added.


The editing of manuscripts normally requires between five and seven business days. If they can be accommodated at the time, manuscripts requiring rapid completion (two to three business days) are subject to a 25% surcharge.


Clark Scientific Editing requires payment only once the client expresses satisfaction with the work. Payment must be made within 28 days of completion of the work. The methods of payment, in GBP, are by credit/debit card (processed by the secure online payment site PayPal, clients do not require a PayPal account to process a payment), by cheque, or by direct transfer of funds into the bank account for Clark Scientific Editing (details will be provided on the invoice). Direct bank-to-bank transfers can also be made in EUR (euro). Please note that clients are responsible for any extra charges incurred during direct bank-to-bank transfers.



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